Summer goes ‘on pause’: temperatures are down, storms are coming

Until Monday, the sun was prevalent and hot in temporary new intensification, but from Tuesday strong thunderstorms arrive not only in the North but also in the Center and locally in the South

Editorial boardJuly 10, 2021 12:29 pm

“The weekend will be sunny, but a quick storm will affect the Alps, Prealps and high plains on Saturday night, with residual phenomena on Sunday in the far Northeast”. This is confirmed by the meteorologist Edoardo Ferrara: “Elsewhere absolute stability with fully summer heat but without particular excesses”

NEXT WEEK FIRST SERIOUS BREAK OF THE SUMMER. “Summer 2021 will have its first serious defaillance next week, when Italy will be reached by a fresh vortex descending from the North Atlantic – warns Ferrara – responsible for strong thunderstorms and storms this time not only in the North. It starts Monday with the first strong thunderstorms towards the end of the day over part of the Northwest, extending to most of the North during Tuesday. Also on Tuesday we will also have a progressive involvement of the central regions starting from Tuscany.Between Wednesday and Friday, the instability could also extend to the rest of the Center and more occasionally to the South with scattered showers and thunderstorms, as well as further showers on the northern regions. Attention: the pre-existence of hot and humid air and the tense entry of the vortex, may trigger locally violent storms, accompanied by large hailstorms and sudden strong gusts of wind “.

NEW FAST AFRICAN FLAME ON MONDAY, THEN THERMAL LOSS STARTING FROM THE NORTH. “The African heat will make a new fast bet on Italy on Monday, especially at Centrosud where we will be able to overcome peaks of 35-37 ° C again. From Tuesday, the temperature drop also marked from the North, subsequently extended also to the Center, while in the South the African heat wave should only be dampened by Wednesday. Temperatures could drop even by over 8-10 ° C, with a general refreshment, especially at Centronord ”conclude from .