Have you just graduated and are you dying to continue your studies abroad?

Or have you already graduated but want to finally gain the experience abroad that is missing in your curriculum, while continuing to study in another country? Among the many countries around the world where every year Italian students decide to embark on a new path, Spain has certainly always been one of the most popular, due to its geographical, cultural and linguistic proximity. But what are the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship for foreigners to help you in this new adventure? Emagister presents you with some possible opportunities that will suit you.

Studying in Spain: first steps

Spain is home to some of the oldest and most popular universities in the world, which have a high quality educational offer. To study in the Iberian country you will need to prove your knowledge of the Spanish language and, sometimes, depending on the geographical area of ​​reference, of the Catalan language or other official local languages.

If you are a university student, the first step is to contact the international desk of your university, which can inform you about their agreements with Spanish universities, as well as about the Erasmus + programs.

State scholarships

The Maec-Aecid Scholarships, from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation program of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are scholarships dedicated to foreign students in Spain. They have for some time been one of the most important programs of the Spanish government and one of the most useful and effective tools for students who want to undertake a course of study in Spain. Maec scholarships, in support of the promotion of Spanish education and culture, are published annually within the portal and range from economic / scientific disciplines to artistic / literary subjects. A fundamental requirement for access to the program is at least a sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language. The offer is mainly aimed at young people under the age of 35 who have already completed their degree or who are in the final stage of obtaining the degree. The monthly funding also includes accommodation, which changes according to the individual grants. Here is the link where you can search for this type of scholarship: 

Scholarships from public and private entities

In addition to the Maec-Aecid call, there are also a large number of programs and aid offered by various public and private institutions. First of all, the Instituto Cervantes, a public institution active since 1991 that aims to universally promote the teaching and study of the Spanish language and culture on an international scale. In the section of the Institute’s website “Empleo y becas” calls for scholarships are periodically published.

Other possibilities of scholarships for Italians

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can also find scholarships offered by various foreign countries to Italian citizens, obviously including Spain. The deadlines are various, the offers are updated periodically. All information on scholarships for Italian citizens offered by foreign governments can be accessed from the following page: List of countries and institutions offering