Studying abroad with the ITACA 2019 Program: the scholarship for high schools.

The application deadlines for this program have just ended, like every year it is highly sought after by students wishing to study abroad, supported by a scholarship.

In this case, the competition notice of the ITACA 2019 Program reserves the INPS scholarships, which could be requested starting from 16 October 2018, the date on which the notice was published, and which can be acquired thanks to the rankings, up to February 2019.

The procedures have been the same for several years, and once the possibility of applying for this scholarship for high school is open, it is necessary to work hard to participate with the exact requirements – making mistakes is forbidden, trying is a must!

How the ITACA Program works

This is a competition for an INPS scholarship, launched by this institution for the children of public administration employees, in order to facilitate a period of study abroad through a financial fund.

The ITACA Program allows you to obtain scholarships for the school year following the research year, 2019/2020 in this case, which help you to live a year abroad through ITACA, participating in the school’s school programs in the country you have chosen.

With each ITACA call you will be able to choose study programs abroad for one year, six months or three months, but first of all it will be essential to understand which scholarship you can apply for.

In any case, the program promises a unique experience, you will be able to live a period of study in a foreign country, within different school realities, getting to know new cities and cultures.

The many destinations of the ITACA INPS Program to study abroad are designed to offer a wide choice among those who want to enrich their lives with a unique moment, which stimulates culture and change, increases the perception of the global reality in which we live. , through an essential scholastic and human experience, in the mode of total immersion.

This type of opportunity is a great resource during school education and individual growth at an age like 16 to 18 – the target set for the ITACA INPS scholarship competition.

The requirements to participate in the competition for the ITACA scholarship

Such an interesting prospect must be carefully examined when submitting the application, to understand if it meets the requirements necessary to join the ITACA INPS Program.

    Age – ITACA is not for everyone: you must be enrolled in the second or third year of secondary school.

    Parents – In addition to being the child of an employee or pensioner of the public administration (including an orphan or equivalent child), the parent must be registered in the INPS database – unitary management of INPS credit and social services (pensioners must be users of the INPS management of public employees).

    Promotion – for admission to the ITACA INPS call, it is necessary to have an optimal school career, or in the previous school year you must have obtained promotion without recovery – there must be a maximum of 1 year of delay in your studies.

    One-off – you must not have already received the scholarship, as the ITACA program requires this benefit to be granted only once. Furthermore, the request for the ITACA scholarship is incompatible with the “Super Media” scholarship for the current school year and for summer vacation or study stays financed by INPS in 2019/2020.

    Income – Presenting the DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) to obtain the ISEE certification, it is essential to determine the position in the ITACA ranking.

The scholarship is divided by the program on 1500 places available, including 680 places available to study in Europe and about 820 places for non-European countries. These places each year, in turn, are divided according to semesters, quarters or for the school year abroad with a scholarship.

Deadlines for submitting the application to the ITACA INPS program

Requests must usually be sent by the end of the current year (2018), in order to take advantage of the scholarship for the following year (2019).

This year, in order to participate in the competition, it was necessary to submit the application via the home page of the site, in the online services area – from 12.00 on 16 October 2018, no later than 12.00 on the day November 20, 2018.

As every year, within the application form it is necessary to indicate the chosen destination between Europe and non-European countries, and what the length of stay will be – a school year, a semester or a quarter.

By January 15, 2019, INPS will publish the ITACA rankings of potential scholarship holders (Article 7 of the Call): here, therefore, is the next useful date for those who have participated in the ITACA project.

The rankings of 2019

In the first months of next year, the ITACA rankings will be published, showing the names of those who participated in the call and are entitled to a scholarship.

The rankings will be drawn up based on the mathematical average of the marks obtained the previous year, i.e. 2017/18 and based on the 2018 ISEE value – the year of application for the scholarship.

The INPS payments for scholarships to high schools, in fact, are also commensurate with the income bracket of the assignee student, and vary according to the ISEE value to recognize the student with fees ranging from 100% to 50% of the maximum amounts mentioned. .

If the destinations vary according to personal choice, while the amount of the ITACA INPS scholarships is often defined with values ​​that for Europe are: 12,000 euros per student in the case of the year abroad, 9,000 euros for the semester and € 6,000 for the quarter (for non-European countries they rise to 15,000, 12,000 and 9,000 respectively).

The destinations of the ITACA program

The countries in which you want to go to attend a school period abroad can be different in the world. Each student is free to submit in their application a destination request with a school structure that they wish to attend, often mediated by tour operators or agencies specialized in language services, such as Lingua Academy.

The important thing is that the school or educational institution is qualified, and that the study project abroad is consistent with one’s academic background, at a cultural or sporting and artistic level.

Choose the destination of the ITACA Program with us

If you participate in the call for the ITACA scholarship, you can rely on those who have experience in this sector. We reserve all assistance for the drafting of the request with the application form, with the verification and choice of study programs compliant with the ITACA INPS call.

If you are looking for a tour operator specialized in ITACA Programs, Lingua Academy will ensure you the professionalism needed to make your dream of studying abroad come true for a period of your school life.

We offer different destinations and programs, both in Europe and outside Europe, to be able to choose where to live this unique and unforgettable experience, attending a foreign school for a school period.

Choose schools for the ITACA program with Lingua Academy

Our destination proposals for the ITACA project include over 100 schools on all continents, to study abroad with ITACA scholarships, or alternatively for an independent school stay, to be booked also at other times of the year.

Among the European destinations, the favorite are those of English language such as England or Ireland, or France, Spain and Germany, for the linguistic study of languages ​​useful in the working and cultural world. For those who want an experience within the EU in countries where English is well practiced, it is possible to book programs for the study year abroad in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

In the ITACA programs for non-European countries, destinations such as USA, Canada, China, Russia, India, Argentina, Japan can be chosen to discover totally different cultures and learn a new language.

Exciting destinations for your personal growth, and excellent for language and school improvement – schools recognized as valid and within safe and welcoming environments.

Lingua Academy specializes in organizing language training services of various levels, to meet the needs of students of all levels, with effective and satisfying, but above all customizable, study paths abroad.

The study paths will be flexible, designed on the basis of the amount of the ITACA scholarship and the needs of the students.

For those taking part in the call, it is good to know that they will be able to book the study trip abroad before the rankings come out, and without any obligation to pay the balance if the request is rejected. You can withdraw or wait for the “repechage” of the second call.

If you participate in the ITACA competition you can choose your destination for the school, but it must be consistent with the preference indicated in the INPS application.