Artists and writers on the most visited blogs

This public space that is the Internet, by the work and grace of web 2.0., Has glorified the culture of the common, for which the artist’s trade has taken a back seat.

This culture of confrontation in which we live: its paradigm is politics as sport and sport as politics (the beautiful game is based on two opposing teams like politics in two opposing parties), has made web 2.0. becomes, if not a confrontation between two, then a confrontation between many, a kind of race to climb the highest positions of popularity.

But here, as in so many other things, one thing is to be and another to seem.

What characterizes art is the trade, the work ( ars in Latin means skill, trade, a job well done). But, art for us is not what it was in ancient times. According to the DRAE:

(From the lat. Ars, artis, and this carbon copy of the gr. Τ έ χνη).

1. amb. Virtue, willingness and ability to do something.

2. amb. Manifestation of human activity through which a personal and disinterested vision is expressed that interprets what is real or imagined with plastic, linguistic or sound resources.

The disinterested thing is a concession to the artist, obviously. It also means:

4. amb. Skill, cunning.

I am referring here to another concept of art, according to which the creative component comes into play. Someone can copy the work of another well and for that reason they will not be considered an artist or, in any case, an artist of plagiarism, nothing more.

Hence, not everyone who writes is a writer, he may just be a scribe or an editor.

Thus, we have that among the most visited blogs according to the different rankings … Impossible to cover such a variety, who pays me for a study of such a category?

We will limit ourselves to following one of these lists.

But are these lists reliable? I’m not saying that, like this, they are not, but … in my humble opinion, there is a fact that puts them in evidence, at least the one I have consulted: Alianzo .

I check the post of one of Luis Lucena Canales’s blogs to get an idea.

And I get:



Bad, that is, they are doing very badly. But, we keep looking and I find that a blog that has zero visits (checked in the wordpress counter), since it is private and without guests, returns the following position.


How is it possible that it is better situated than The Literary Jaina which is public and receives, at least, my usual visits: mysterious mysteries of Rankingera science.

Therefore, we will use your data with a certain critical distance. This is not a serious study either, so I am not going to go into details or go too deep, it is only a small approach to the subject, which specialists should study. My thesis is:

It doesn’t seem like the internet or web 2.0. are a favorable space for the success of creators, artists or writers, who occupy a marginal space in this … as in society, on the other hand … in which it seems that art viewers and readers are the same artist writers who they see themselves, they read themselves.

The first on Alianzo’s list of blogs in Spanish are

1. Microsierves

that brings posts of such significance as

Why are the numbers on the dart boards arranged in that order? We ask each other (sic) every time we go to the bar.

As you can see, a great question that needs urgent explanation and they are there to give it.

News served from , on the other hand.

This is another: this kind of blogs are made of scraps, of posts brought and carried from one place to another, with which the creation work is ZERO, the selection work TEN. Ten times zero equals ZERO. However, there you have it: in first position.

2. Gembeta: software blog

Genbeta is a collective weblog dedicated to software and services via the Internet, with all the news and the best tricks.

What is Genbeta?

Genbeta is a collective weblog with a business vocation, dedicated to following the news about programs, services on the web and everything that may be useful to today’s Internet user.

Genbeta is not the personal blog of a group of computer and internet fanatics. It is a professional blog launched by the Weblogs SL blogging factory . We have created Genbeta because we believe that nanomedia, weblogs, can, while providing interesting and useful information for your audience, be a business that generates income.

A good deal, that’s it. Everything else (I mean style, aesthetics, art) is consequently secondary.

3. Enrique Dans’s blog . Research and opinion about Information Systems and Technologies.

Enrique Dans is a Professor of Information Systems and writes well and in an entertaining way on these topics.

And so, going from Barrapunto (free software) to 5. which is a good journalism blog (run by Nacho Escolar ) isolated among geeks.

Let’s go now by categories: Art

The first is to analyze you

which comes with a quote at the top “Painting is silent poetry; poetry, blind painting ”Leonardo da Vinci. I do not know if this quote can be attributed to Leonardo, but what is clear is that he was not the first to say it. According to Plutarco Simónides de Ceos (circa 556-468 BC) “he was the first to equate the methods of poetry and painting, a theory that Horacio would later summarize in his famous expression ut painting poesis . ´Simonides, says Plutarco, called painting silent poetry and poetry painting that speaks´ ” according to Frances A. Yates in The Art of Memory .

It is not a question of becoming pejiguera (as they say in my land), but I think that an art blog that occupies a leading position in terms of visits should be required more than just copying quotes haphazardly. A little research, just that.

My friends say that I complain too much but it is that you look, colleague, if all this is an appearance, a simulation of something that is not, why the hell have I been burning my health all my life trying to do a job well done, where are they? those who value this?

The following is a polymer clays and crafts blog.

The following also of crafts.

There are, however, good art blogs, that of

Rafael Cippolini

Buenos Aires, Argentina

full time essayist, Pataphysical activist and Kamishibaist. intermittent healer. member of imaduba. editor of ramona magazine (2002-2007).

in fourth place, it is an example. Although it is not an artist blog, but a blog about art.

These, artists ‘blogs and writers’ blogs do not have a separate category in Alianzo, not even a reference.

In literature , the first is Blank Paper

a blog of literary criticism aimed at well-known writers, the most read, the great ones.

The following JorgeLetralia , is defined as a blog of marginal notes on literature and related topic

Then comes another one of literary criticism: Portnoy’s lament and so on … I leave it without wanting to continue investigating, that it is time to devote myself to more useful and more artistic things.

What is clear to me is that creator blogs are not at the top of the rankings … not even those that are blog blogs, artist directories and writers.