Alan Cameros

Sponsor of Rochester Arts & Lectures

2011/2012 – “Why would an individual contributor join with Nazareth College, one of our region’s outstanding educational resources, to undertake sponsorship of the Rochester Arts & Lectures season series ? My reason is that we need this opportunity to hear a diversity of voices. The speakers who talk to us bring forth their thoughts and views that resonate both within our minds and within our hearts. Rochester Arts & Lectures gives us the opportunity to hear these words and form our opinions. Should you also feel that Arts & Lectures serves well, I suggest that you, too, think of undertaking a role in support. I assure you that it will be of good purpose. Not only will it serve you and yours personally, but it will also serve to make our community a more reasoned place.”

2012/2013 –“Why provide your support to Rochester Arts & Lectures ? There are many wonderful cultural activities that take place in our community; among these, Rochester Arts & Lectures takes a leading role. We each determine our own lifestyle and life path. Rochester Arts & Lectures helps us to journey the road traveled with lessons for the mind. Informed learning occurs in many ways and critical thinking is a skill that continually needs to be honed. Listening to a world of ideas allows the mind to process and enhance. Rochester Arts & Lectures provides informed learning , enrichment, and uplifting experiences.”

2013/2014 – “We have been privileged to hear many outstanding authors at Rochester Arts & Lectures over the years. They have expressed the truths which have been important to their lives. The diversity of the speakers within our seasonal series has given to us a wider opportunity to view the world through the perspective of others. It has engaged us in listening to and observing the creative power of the authors and then determining how this impacts the world within which we live. It has provided a vehicle to take us beyond the ordinary and allow us to think thoughts which lift us above the everyday. For this we thank Rochester Arts & Lectures.”

2014/2015 -“Rochester Arts & Lectures serves our community well.  We have had the opportunity to listen to authors of note and authors emerging who talk to issues of our time and issues within their mind.  At the end of the evening, we have had the opportunity to process and review that which was spoken and the thoughts that were conveyed.  Though life’s busy moments there is little time to reflect.  Our evenings with Rochester Arts & Lectures give us the time to step away from the ordinary and look beyond.  They provide us with the opportunity to focus on a world of words and a world of thoughts.”

2015/2016 Multi cultural – many cultures coming together.  An umbrella of words setting down that which is within peoples thoughts and authors minds.  We are continually made aware as to how cultures are distinctive in the ways that they interpret their world.  Arts and Lectures bring to us chosen authors who chronicle these lives and times.  Whether it be the past, present or visions of the future, we are provided an opportunity to see change as it occurs and as it is chronicled.  In the end, this leaves the interpretation to each of us.  Good reading, good listening,  We look forward to another productive season ahead.

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